In the 1950s and 60s n° 1 Euripides Street was an elegant Nicosia house with a beautiful covered veranda and a pigeonnier. The shops included a mandolin shop, a fine kebab house and other businesses. Behind the building was a printing works and across the road the Apollo Cinema plied its trade. The heart of Nicosia was a vibrant busy place.

The 1970s saw the fashion for modernism arrive; many concrete structures were built and too much of the old was swept aside. This building is but one example of that epoch. »»

Mouson Property is proud to announce the transformation of an ugly 1970s concrete blockhouse into an attractive modern building echoing the beauty of old Nicosia; we are passionate about the development our beautiful City and hope that by marrying both old and new into a beautiful structure that respects the old traditions yet provides an entirely contemporary space for commercial, professional or residential use that we are playing a small yet responsible role for the embellishment of Nicosia. »»

Building Permit     #5842
File     #257/68
Permit date    06/02/08

Works to commence 2010 for completion mid to end 2010